25 Free High Quality Leaves Textures

Pitcher Plant LeafOur latest texture releases were very appreciated by our visitors: High Quality Leather Textures, Animal Skin and Fur Textures and Old Paper Textures. Today we continue to share our textures collection. This time we offer you to download 25 free and high quality leaves textures.

Leaves textures may be used to create lovely green natural website or environmental printed materials. Although most of the textures in this collection are green but some fall leaves textures also were released. Yellow, red, orange, and purple leaves can make your website look very stylish and eye-catching.

Most of the High Quality Leaves Textures are free to download. Some may require link back to author’s websites. Please check author’s website before using these textures.

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1. free_high_res_texture_132


Author: calebkimbrough

2. Leaf Texture

Leaf Texture

Author: chefranden

3. free_high_res_texture_380


Author: calebkimbrough

4. Leaf texture

Leaf texture

Author: ggallice

5. Leaf macro texture

Leaf macro texture

Author: martinhoward

6. Leaf texture

Leaf texture

Author: ggallice

7. free_high_res_texture_222


Author: calebkimbrough

8. Water Beads

Water Beads

Author: pdphoto.org

9. plain leaf

plain leaf

Author: baspunk

10. big leaf

big leaf

Author: wapamup

11. Sapphires


Author: tangledseaweed

12. Leaftex 002

Leaftex 002

Author: ISOStock

13. Leaf 1

Leaf 1

Author: bombstock

14. leaf texture

leaf texture

Author: Ayla87

15. Texture 3

Texture 3

Author: jesuino

16. Leaf 3

Leaf 3

Author: jesuino

17. Sea grape leaf texture

Sea grape leaf texture

Author: ggallice

18. texture leaf

texture leaf

Author: habaneros

19. leaf and petals

leaf and petals

Author: psyberartist

20. Pitcher Plant Leaf

Pitcher Plant Leaf

Author: Just chaos

21. life is just.. detail

life is just.. detail

Author: Cupra0607R

22. Texture 101

Texture 101

Author: piechot-stock

23. leaf0008


Author: lotsoftextures

24. Leaftex 003

Leaftex 003

Author: ISOStock

25. Leaf macro texture

Leaf macro texture

Author: martinhoward

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