25 High Quality Leather Textures

texture 8Last time we presented you 14 free animal skin and fur textures. This time we offer 25 high quality leather textures.

High quality leather textures may be used to make you project more presentable. Leather is a texture that is very pleasing to the eye and could really intensify the beauty of the design. With creativity and good design techniques, one can always create a priceless artwork that makes use of some leather texture.

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1. Black Leather 5

Black Leather 5

Author: Hjoranna

2. Webtreats White Leather Pattern

Webtreats White Leather Pattern

Author: webtreats

3. 412 – Leather Texture

412 - Leather Texture

Author: Patrick Hoesly

4. free_high_res_texture_444


Author: calebkimbrough

5. Black Leather Texture Free Creative Commons

Black Leather Texture Free Creative Commons

Author: Pink Sherbet Photography

6. free_high_res_texture_441


Author: calebkimbrough



Author: louboumian

8. metallic leather texture

metallic leather texture

Author: Ayla87

9. Leather


Author: swer_rock

10. leather


Author: andreyutzu

11. Leather texture

Leather texture

Author: Mattox

12. leather


Author: andreyutzu

13. Leather Texture

Leather Texture

Author: asifthebes

14. Snake Leather Texture

Snake Leather Texture

Author: micky007

15. leather


Author: Meltys

16. Leather texture

Leather texture

Author: Tsabo6

17. Cracked Leather Texture 1

Cracked Leather Texture 1

Author: FantasyStock

18. Texture Leather

Texture Leather

Author: pictsy

19. Texture: Leather

Texture: Leather

Author: Argimorus

20. Leather texture

Leather texture

Author: BlokkStox

21. texture 8

texture 8

Author: ale2xan2dra

22. Leather


Author: Penny-Stock

23. ARTificial leather Texture

ARTificial leather Texture

Author: ninjatogo

24. Dirty leather II

Dirty leather II

Author: FxSanyi

25. Leather Horizon

Leather Horizon

Author: RainyDayOnline

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