Free Animal Skin and Fur Textures for Your Projects

Animal skins and fur textures may be used in you website design project. Animal skin is a perfect background image for your website if you try to create “save animals” site. Fur textures are also may be used in printing or web design projects.

Most of those images are free so you may use them as you like. Some fabric textures may be distributed under Creative Commons License and thus require link back to author’s website.

1. tiger skin

tiger skin

Author: didbygraham

2. Spots on a Cow Hide

Spots on a Cow Hide

Author: shaire productions

3. Animal fur 5 _ 8

Animal fur 5 _ 8

Author: dimitri_c

4. Animal textures

Animal textures

Author: ftibor

5. Animal textures

Animal textures

Author: ftibor

6. Cat fur

Cat fur

Author: mordoc

7. zebra skin

zebra skin

Author: coscurro

8. zebra print

zebra print

Author: extremerainbow

9. Leopard Texture II

Leopard Texture II

Author: somadjinn

10. Zebraskin 002

Zebraskin 002

Author: ISOStock

11. Leopard skin

Leopard skin

Author: emyazici

12. Seamless Animal Fur1

Seamless Animal Fur1

Author: roseenglish

13. Seamless Animal Fur3

Seamless Animal Fur3

Author: roseenglish

14. Deerskin 001

Deerskin 001

Author: ISOStock

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