25 Beautiful High Quality Easter Photography for Your Inspiration

Four Easter cupcakes with chocolate eggs, March 2008Easter is a dual holiday, like Christmas, both religious, but with happy kids and special traditional rituals. Easter is a fun holiday that mixes a religious core with a celebration of the rebirth of nature. Easter does have its own set of decorations, sweets and treats: Easter Eggs, Easter Bunnies, chocolate or plastic.

In our memory Easter is always related with Easter eggs and Easter Bunny. Families gather at the table to share an Easter meal and best wishes. This creates a perfect opportunity to capture some unique and memorable Easter family moments. Coloring and decorating eggs has long been an Easter tradition symbolizing new life and rebirth.

Easter is a Sunday holiday. However Saturday is traditionally spent decorating Easter eggs and hunting for them with children on Sunday morning, by which time they have been mysteriously hidden all over the house and garden.

We hope you like the Easter images we selected for you.

1. White House Easter Egg Roll

White House Easter Egg Roll

Author: dbking

2. Easter eggs

Easter eggs

Author: somewhereintheworldtoday

3. Chocolate Eggs

Chocolate Eggs

Author: emilywjones

4. Happy Easter to everyone!

Happy Easter to everyone!

Author: anee.baba

5. Eggs on the ground

Eggs on the ground

Author: DGriebeling

6. Easter-Chocolate-egg-bunny


Author: Sr903

7. Four Easter cupcakes with chocolate eggs, March 2008

Four Easter cupcakes with chocolate eggs, March 2008

Author: safetypinheart

8. Easter-Eggs


Author: Lotus Head

9. Late for Easter

Late for Easter

Author: Benson Kua

10. 20110423 Easter eggs (4)

20110423 Easter eggs (4)

Author: Donar Reiskoffer

11. Floral Eastern Eggs 1

Floral Eastern Eggs 1

Author: fangol

12. Easter Card 4

Easter Card 4

Author: ba1969

13. Bunny Figurine

Bunny Figurine

Author: tkeys

14. Easter eggs 1

Easter eggs 1

Author: thea0211

15. Easter eggs

Easter eggs

Author: asinila

16. Preparing for easter

Preparing for easter

Author: Vanilla-shiroi

17. Easter Gifts

Easter Gifts

Author: Dragonsanddaffodils

18. Easter


Author: VeLisLaVaa

19. Yellow easter bunny

Yellow easter bunny

Author: alceu

20. Easter Surprise

Easter Surprise

Author: wintersmagic

21. Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Author: mari-na

22. Easter Egg Contest Entry

Easter Egg Contest Entry

Author: hanakoooo

23. Funny rabbit with easter egg

Funny rabbit with easter egg

Author: nejron

24. easter


Author: kveselyte

25. Polymer Clay Easter Eggs

Polymer Clay Easter Eggs

Author: MandarinMoon

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