25 awesome grass textures for your nature projects.

If you design websites or printed materials related to the nature you obviously need some awesome grass textures for those projects. Today we present you our free collection of grass backgrounds and textures.

Dew Web 2.0 brought us some fresh and creative ideas about website building. One of them is “natural green design”. If you want to create such project you need to be ready to use lots of green grass, leaves, clouds, etc. We plan to release wood textures and clouds photography this week so keep in touch. Likes and share are also highly appreciated.

These are all high-resolution images of awesome grass textures that you can download for free. Whether you are engaged in photo manipulation or you want to make seamless grass background textures for websites, you will find these pictures useful.

1. Green Green Grass

Green Green Grass

Author: Anjeile

2. Free Grass Photo

Free Grass Photo

Author: taylor.a

3. Tall Grass

Tall Grass

Author: jasonferrell

4. grass


Author: superiphi

5. 2011_3108 – Plant Textures_3

2011_3108 - Plant Textures_3

Author: HoskingIndustries

6. Dew


Author: pdphoto.org

7. Hidden Texture

Hidden Texture

Author: Heart-of-the-Wolf

8. Grass Texture

Grass Texture

Author: Jshei

9. Green grass

Green grass

Author: Gardek

10. grass 003

grass 003

Author: juuichimei

11. STOCK – Green Grass+Shadow 1

STOCK - Green Grass+Shadow 1

Author: jocarra

12. green hope

green hope

Author: abcdz2000

13. Grass


Author: al71

14. Blades of Grass

Blades of Grass

Author: somadjinn

15. grass


Author: hirekatsu

16. drops


Author: kliverap

17. grass 003

grass 003

Author: juuichimei

18. Green Blades

Green Blades

Author: Crinity

19. Grass Texture II

Grass Texture II

Author: Jenna-RoseStock

20. grass 004

grass 004

Author: juuichimei

21. Grass


Author: ratfacedbword

22. mushrooms in grass

mushrooms in grass

Author: PaulineMoss

23. Grass 01

Grass 01

Author: Imaginationsis

24. Long Grass

Long Grass

Author: Stock-By-Crystal

25. summer’s end.

summer's end.

Author: iheartcolours

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