25 Beautiful and Colorful Butterfly Images

Today we would like to share with you 25 beautiful butterfly images.

ButterflyPhotographers love and capture every moment of the little insects because of their colorful, beautiful patterns.

There are about 12 families of butterflies. Many adult moths and butterflies feed on nectar, which they suck from flowers. While they process of eating they can carry pollen from one flower to another – many plants depend on moths and butterflies in terms of pollination

Butterflies always attracted the attention of the person. They, no doubt, can be considered the most beautiful insects and they also go through a stage of transformation, turning from a caterpillar to a winged creature.

There is a legend about butterflies.
Once the butterfly was a flower blooming in the open field, but the flower very much like to know what is out there, beyond the forest and the river … And the flower asked the sun, so the sun has taught the flower to fly above the earth, like a cloud. And the flower began to wait … And it waited for a hundred or a thousand years … Or even a hundred thousand years. Or maybe a million years. This is the same thing… and, finally, flower dreams have come true – a flower turned into light wings, woven from the mists and dreams! And the flower turned into a butterfly, fluttering flower, and saw the forest and the river. Since then, butterfly flies over the earth.

1. Butterfly / Nature / Macro

Butterfly / Nature / Macro

Author: CubaGallery

2. Butterfly / Macro / Nature

Butterfly / Macro / Nature

Author: CubaGallery

3. Butterfly


Author: Orange Leaf

4. Butterfly


Author: Orange Leaf

5. Butterfly


Author: kattenspul

6. Butterfly 7650

Butterfly 7650

Author: Biswarup Ganguly

7. Butterflies seduction

Butterflies seduction

Author: Toni from Den Haag, Netherlands

8. ButterFly DSC08429

ButterFly DSC08429

Author: Rronenow

9. Butterfly yoyogi

Butterfly yoyogi

Author: Parag.naik

10. Butterfly.web


Author: Bert de Tilly

11. Butterfly


Author: pdphoto.org

12. A butterfly in Louisiana.

A butterfly in Louisiana.

Author: pdphoto.org

13. Butterfly


Author: pdphoto.org

14. Butterfly


Author: Unfaithed

15. butterfly


Author: tomegatherion

16. Butterfly


Author: Liest

17. Butterfly


Author: dreamweaver69stock

18. butterfly


Author: asininechani

19. Statue and Butterfly 2

Statue and Butterfly 2

Author: Roxanne727

20. Butterfly 3

Butterfly 3

Author: herman430



Author: DavidMarin

22. Butterfly


Author: gazbrooks

23. indian fritillary

indian fritillary

Author: hirekatsu

24. butterfly


Author: ingras

25. Like a butterfly

Like a butterfly

Author: MC-blue

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