25 High Resolution and Quality Metal Textures, Metal Patterns, etc…

Today we share 25 high quality metal textures and patterns with you.

Wall TextureA good designer should always have a library of various textures that he could use at any time. Most of the textures and patterns do not attract attention until it is used in a design. The same applies to the texture of the metal. However, when you mix it with something else and add to it a little bit of inspiration, you can get some of the best “metal designs.” If you’re ready for this, and now are looking for metallic textures and patterns – you’ll find them here.

High Resolution Metal textures can help you create metal interfaces, parts of web sites, backgrounds, etc.

1. Metal Textures

Metal Textures

Author: Geetesh Bajaj

2. Metal Textures

Metal Textures

Author: Geetesh Bajaj

3. Webtreats 8 Fabulous Free Metal Textures 7

Webtreats 8 Fabulous Free Metal Textures 7

Author: webtreats

4. Camouflage Metal Texture

Camouflage Metal Texture

Author: GrungeTextures

5. 2010_1303 Metal Textures_1

2010_1303 Metal Textures_1

Author: HoskingIndustries

6. Black Metal Texture

Black Metal Texture

Author: GrungeTextures

7. scratched gold metal texture

scratched gold metal texture

Author: beckas

8. Wall Texture

Wall Texture

Author: shadowh3

9. Abalone Shell Metallic Texture

Abalone Shell Metallic Texture

Author: Enchantedgal-Stock

10. Gold Metal Wrinkled Paper

Gold Metal Wrinkled Paper

Author: Enchantedgal-Stock



Author: markpiet

12. metal3


Author: calebkimbrough

13. Brushed metal texture

Brushed metal texture

Author: Custom0305

14. Metal Rust Texture 06

Metal Rust Texture 06

Author: FantasyStock

15. Water tank texture 3

Water tank texture 3

Author: dlritter

16. yellow metallic texture

yellow metallic texture

Author: night-fate-stock

17. purple metallic texture

purple metallic texture

Author: night-fate-stock

18. texture 154

texture 154

Author: Sirius-sdz

19. iron texture

iron texture

Author: andreyutzu

20. Rust


Author: lizerixt

21. Burnt Paint

Burnt Paint

Author: musky306

22. Corrosion texture 1

Corrosion texture 1

Author: sundstrom

23. Grunge metal texture

Grunge metal texture

Author: thefirstfleet

24. soft vintage metallic texture

soft vintage metallic texture

Author: night-fate-stock

25. Metal texture

Metal texture

Author: SparkkPlugg

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