Best 25 Images of Old Paper Textures for Your Projects

Today we present you 25 images of old paper textures.

thick old paperOld paper textures may help you to create “old photo” effect or to give your project old style look. On older papers you can make greeting cards or invitations or a holiday dinner menu.

By creating a vintage picture or a beautiful medieval collage in Photoshop, you can use a old paper textures that will make your photo or image older.

Any designer during his work collects a large amount of different textures and backgrounds for his design projects and collages. If you are desperately need the texture of old paper and even with the torn edges you may take a look at our collection of old paper textures.

1. Old paper texture

Old paper texture

Author: cgalante

2. old paper or parchment

old paper or parchment

Author: zombieWhorror

3. Old paper texture

Old paper texture

Author: vintage memento

4. old_paper2


Author: Digital Yard Sale

5. old paper stock 01

old paper stock 01

Author: ftourini

6. Old Paper Texture 1

Old Paper Texture 1

Author: lailomeiel

7. Stained Paper Towel

Stained Paper Towel

Author: GrungeTextures

8. Stained Memo Pad

Stained Memo Pad

Author: GrungeTextures

9. thick old paper

thick old paper

Author: Muffet

10. Clipped Notes

Clipped Notes

Author: ba1969

11. Paper Collage 5

Paper Collage 5

Author: ba1969

12. Leaf Collage 5

Leaf Collage 5

Author: ba1969

13. paper texture

paper texture

Author: andreyutzu

14. paper 1

paper 1

Author: petrachan

15. Grunge Paper 5

Grunge Paper 5

Author: ba1969

16. paper


Author: andreyutzu

17. Something like old paper..

Something like old paper..

Author: ava verino-catching up..

18. The End – Grungy Coffee Stained Paper

The End - Grungy Coffee Stained Paper

Author: Cindy – Vintage To New

19. Pile of Pages

Pile of Pages

Author: jmsdson

20. paper


Author: andreyutzu

21. Paper texture 7

Paper texture 7

Author: wojtar-stock

22. Paper Stock 14

Paper Stock 14

Author: hatestock

23. Vintage Paper Texture

Vintage Paper Texture

Author: KillxThexScenexStock

24. Victorian or Steampunk Paper

Victorian or Steampunk Paper

Author: iCaramello

25. Crumpled Paper Texture

Crumpled Paper Texture

Author: Suni-moon

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