25 Inspiring Images of Chinese Black Water Dragons

Year 2012 is a year of black water dragon (do not ask me why, I’m not the person who made this up:)). We would like to present your attention 25 images of black water dragon.

dragon outside jumbo floating restaurantAccording to Chinese astrology, the Dragon is an active, intelligent, confident, adventurous, versatile, careful and lucky. This is one of the most victorious, happy and strong signs of the Eastern horoscope. We can say that people who were born in the year of the Dragon, was born “with a silver spoon in his mouth.”

Dragon – a fiery, energetic in all, it is a fighter and a winner. He was given a great deal, and great power demands great responsibility.

Year of the Black Water Dragon will be very favorable for creativity in all forms. Black water dragon favors for people gifted, creative, active, and who know and love to work with a spark, enthusiasm, creativity and imagination. On a global scale will be noticeable flourishing of science and art. Some new names will be aware of talented artists, actors, musicians and scientists.

All photographs on this page are licensed Creative Commons Attribution. All images link back to the author, feel free to visit their pages to find more details.

1. .:.:.Year of the Dragon.:.:.

.:.:.Year of the Dragon.:.:.

Author: Urnam7

2. Year of the Dragon

Year of the Dragon

Author: kitchiki

3. Year of the Dragon

Year of the Dragon

Author: NoriNeko-Noriaki

4. Year of the Dragon 02

Year of the Dragon 02

Author: Sensual Shadows Photography

5. Year of the Dragon 01

Year of the Dragon 01

Author: Sensual Shadows Photography

6. Red Dragon

Red Dragon

Author: Miles Bader

7. dragon


Author: daniele81

8. The dragon

The dragon

Author: martinno

9. Year of the Dragon

Year of the Dragon

Author: PaperLanturns

10. dragon outside jumbo floating restaurant

dragon outside jumbo floating restaurant

Author: jimw

11. Bhutanese Dragon

Bhutanese Dragon

Author: Fresco Umbiatore

12. Black Dragon Takarabria, ver.2

Black Dragon Takarabria, ver.2

Author: ShokokuPhoenix

13. Year of the Dragon 22

Year of the Dragon 22

Author: Sensual Shadows Photography

14. paper 1

paper 1

Author: petrachan

15. Chinese Dragon

Chinese Dragon

Author: DNK-Anais

16. Chinese Dragon

Chinese Dragon

Author: doneplay

17. Asian Dragon

Asian Dragon

Author: nashoba-hostina

18. Chinese Fireball

Chinese Fireball

Author: Scatha-the-Worm

19. Dragon, Belfast

Dragon, Belfast - 503724

Author: Albert Bridge

20. Chinese Snowcrest

Chinese Snowcrest

Author: luseylottay

21. Into the Sun

Into the Sun

Author: Kezrek

22. :Chinese Dragon:

:Chinese Dragon:

Author: Airegon

23. beautiful chinese dragon

beautiful chinese dragon

Author: willow-fox

24. Trump Dragon

Trump Dragon

Author: Tibby101

25. Qing Long

Qing Long

Author: bueshang

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